What is a Legacy Film?

Anniversary-Party-PanningDo you have a story to tell? Do you have a child, or children you would love to leave your life story with
so that they will always be able to relive your life through future generations to come?

Childhood days, stories of family and friends held near and dear. Life moments that amaze and touch your heart.
War stories. These are the makings of a true Legacy in life.
Reserve your film crew now to create that perfect Legacy to leave your family and friends. It's the most priceless gift you can give.

I talk so much about stories, that sometimes, I almost forget to talk about what I think a story is.
A family recently asked me “So what’s the story here with grandpa?” And I must say that I was surprised.
No one had ever bothered to ask before. On the surface, it seems like every Legacy Film story is the same, isn’t it?
It’s a Legacy Film, after all. And I realized that the story isn’t the plot structure.
The plot of almost every Legacy Film is the same. Each story is quite different.
The story is about the places the things they were doing.

More importantly, it is about how they react to what they were doing.
It is about the lifelong friendship, It’s the playful gestures between the spouse that let us know how they’re feeling inside.

The story is the collection of moments that informs us about who the Legacy Film, and there’s nothing else quite like it.
Do we do a good job at telling stories? When you watch our samples do you get a sense of who the this person is?