The Story of Broadway Film’s

The Story of Broadway Film's

As an Artist, Vince strives to capture the essence of his legacy films,
He has creatively and artistically documented thousands of moments for happy family's throughout the years.

Vince produced his first Film  in 1984. For over two decades,
he has captured many joyous occasions and has consistently continued to advance in each and every aspect of his industry.
Even after producing countless events,  he still takes an active role in continuing his education and pursuing additional knowledge of his craft.

Vince has been invited to travel across the globe to capture moments and memories.
Clients will agree that he has definitely “raised the bar”, and has produced a one of a kind historical document for their families.

Upon viewing his work you will notice a completely different and unique world of historical legacy films you may not have thought possible.
Vince loves to expand on your ideas about your “perfect Legacy Film production”, and is always honored at the opportunity to work with you and your family.

Paul is another vital part of the Broadway team. Knowing and working personally with Vince since 1985,
Paul has also been a fan and student of 35mm photography since his pre-teen years.
His interest led him to want to become reacquainted with the art of capturing images visually and creatively.
He focused his attention on the craft of Videography, storytelling and film production.

Over the past decade, Paul has spent thousands of hours capturing, producing, and studying various elements of the industry.
Paul’s goal is to capture the details and emotions of the Legacy Film day that are so often overlooked by many other producers and companies.
His ability to do this comes from by seeing through his heart first, and then through his viewfinder.
When asked, Paul will simply say that he enjoys producing Legacy Films and events because of the excitement and joy that is generated by so many happy people.
With his creative eye, a steady hand, and unmatched talent and skill, Paul knows exactly how to capture and produce the essence of any film.

Together, Vince and Paul have made Broadway an amazing success story.

Their vision, coupled with an amazing team of producers, editors, and support staff, will continue to flourish for many decades to come.

For more information on how Vince or Paul can make your legacy film everything you hoped it would be simply give us a call now, we would love to talk.