How To Get Your Biography Video Started

Biography VideoHow To Get Your Biography Video Started

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Vince Stott’s "Legacy Films" captures history through interviews. After producing over 1 thousand weddings in his 25+ year career, Vince has now found his calling; filming the stories of his clients and their loved ones' lives.

“Something always intrigued me about Weddings; the toast, parent speeches, and family nostalgia,” he said. “When I was documenting these weddings I knew there was so much more to the story".

Stott remembers while speaking to a class at Full Sail University in Orlando, how most newbies were just happy to record the main elements of the wedding. Stott knew there was more to the story. “What intrigued me about it is its purpose.

Biography VideoBack in the year, 1999 Stott started a wedding trend that has revolution traditional video coverage. We called it the voice overtime shift. We took voice elements from the wedding like the officiate talking about love, or a section from the best man or parents toast and we weaved these sound bites over musical instrumental beds and created a completely different feel of a traditional wedding video.

After being recognized with a creative excellence award from the national wedding event videographer association WEVA, Vince and his team knew we had great service and tools to preserve our client's special day in a way that was far greater than just typical documentary coverage of a wedding…and our Clients agreed!

Taking the concept of how important our voice reflection is, combined with our facial expressions, provides the cornerstone for today's legacy films. These legacy films are time capsules, preserving the pure essence of who we are. Its best to get your film done now, and if you are wondering about updates we offer our clients a chance every 5 years.

Most clients don't really think about preserving these stories, but we’re in a race against time,” Stott said,
How the story unfolds: “The reality is that most people had normal lives,” he said. “It’s important we know what life was like for them then.”
As I went through this process of thinking about Legacy, “A light bulb went off that got brighter and brighter and brighter,” Stott said.

Biography VideoIn January 2012, he founded Broadway’s sister company, Broadway Legacy Films, a company that specializes in making personal history videos. These digitally mastered records of life stories display the personal accounts, photos, and mementos of family history, for families. During the past few years, he has conducted countless interviews.

While Stott said bootstrapping a business as a sole proprietor, without the cushion of seed capital or much marketing, has been challenging, he has found his work rewarding. His reputation with past wedding clients and corporate clients has allowed him a great source of referrals

“What I do is priceless for families,” he said, explaining that when his clients see and hear their great-grandparents on their television screen telling the stories of their lives, they are able to connect to their ancestors. “You know that magical connection links to them, and that’s a wonderful thing,” he said. People often tell him, Stott said, they wish they had learned of his services sooner before a relative died.

‘Don’t wait,’ ” he said. When faced with the challenges typical of running a small business, Stott said, he motivates himself by watching interviews he has conducted with people who have special stories, like the son of a World War I veteran who talked about stories his father told him and a song he sang to him as a child. “Bob starts singing the song and, after one verse, he starts crying and says he misses his dad,” Stott said. It motivates me to be the best that I can be..

Biography Video in NYAnother memorable interview was with a World War II veteran. After telling some war stories, the man discussed his late wife and how much he misses her. “That just gets me at the core,” Stott said, “because you get the essence of who this man is, how unselfish he is and how much he loves his family.”

Few people in the United States do the type of work Stott does. The only trade organization he has found with any presence is the Association of Personal Historians, whose members include biographers and personal historians.
He has not met anyone else who provides professional-quality video and amazing customer service.
Stott mostly builds business through word of mouth, and his work has taken him all over the United States. He believes his background and experience in the wedding market enhance his perspective.

“One of the reasons our family stories will never die is, it is rooted in history and the past,” Stott said.
We’re connected to these people who lived centuries and hundreds of years ago. Family is so important, and that upbringing and perspective need to be passed down from generation to generation.

“These are awesome stories,” he said. Besides his business, Stott prides himself on his family.Biography Video in Ft Lauderdale
He is married to Crystal Stott, has one young daughter, and plays golf and enjoys watching football.

By the end of the year, Stott said, he hopes to expand Broadway into other U.S. markets. He plans to train staff across the nation, starting in NY, CA, and the northeast; to benefit families in other cities.

“It’s absolutely incredible to do something you’re passionate about,” Stott said. “It’s the first time in my life I’ve done something I’m really passionate about. It makes the struggles and challenges immeasurable.”